Semantic Web of Things at Home with KNX

Home and Building Automation (HBA) is a growing research and industrial sector attracting efforts from several disciplines, coalescing into a research area known as Ambient Intelligence (AmI). A crucial issue for feasible and effective AmI solutions lies in efficient resource/service discovery for ubiquitous and pervasive computing contexts.

The integration of knowledge representation languages and reasoning techniques (originally devised for the Semantic Web) into standard HBA protocols can allow to offer high-level services to users: (i) the user profile can be compared with house configuration (including devices settings and appliances behavior) so identifying the home features best fitting user needs; (ii) the household equipments are autonomously able to reach the status that better satisfies users' activities or device requirements.

A semantic-based approach is proposed, able to interface users and devices within an ontology-based service-oriented home appliance infrastructure in a fully automated fashion. The system exploits a semantic-based evolution of EIB/KNX protocol and the proposed approach has been implemented in a real testbed in order to test feasibility and prove benefits.

Project coordinators:
Michele Ruta
Eugenio Di Sciascio
Floriano Scioscia
Giuseppe Loseto

Technical University of Bari
Information Systems Research Group

Area Utenti

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